Planning services

All the supporting activities related to the process of capital construction, from initial sketches to technical acceptance facility, you can entrust a team of experienced engineers and professionals. We offer:

  • Design of architecture;
  • Projected construction;
  • Design of roads;
  • Projektovanje hydro-technical installations;
  • Projektovanje electricity instalation;
  • Projektovanje telecommunication and signal installations;
  • Projektovanje mechanical installation;
  • Projektovanje technology;
  • Projektovanje external furnishing;
  • Interior Design;
  • Design of rehabilitation and strengthening of structures;
  • Analysis and design of structures and Seismic Engineering;
  • Design of concrete and steel structures;
  • Design of demolition;
  • Study of energy efficiency
  • Create licitation studies and tender documents;
  • Co-ordination of the selection procedure performers;
  • Coordination of the design process;
  • The planning and cost estimates;
  • Monitoring progress, productivity and costs;
  • Monitoring and control of design changes;
  • Professional supervision of works;
  • Monitoring site

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