Improving the energy efficiency of buildings and plants

Improving energy efficiency in buildings represents the necessary actions for the implementation of energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption. For a good selection and proper application of measures to improve energy efficiency it is necessary to carry out a detailed energy audit of the building, determine the causes of increased energy loss and propose measures to prevent losses as well as measures to increase profits using available renewable energy sources.

Energy efficiency measures include behavior that is applied in order to reduce energy consumption. Regardless of whether it is technical or non-technical measures, or changes in behavior, all measures include the same, a generally higher level of comfort and standard of living.

The most common measures taken in order to reduce energy losses and increase energy efficiency are:

  1. Improving the thermal characteristics of the thermal envelope of the building.
  2. Improvement of bioclimatic elements that have an impact on energy consumption and use of passive solar building elements.
  3. Replacement of old conventional low-temperature boilers and condensing boilers.
  4. Replacement of old conventional boilers with boilers that using renewable energy sources.
  5. Replacing the old conventional boilers with heat pumps.
  6. Installation of heat recuperation from exhaust air in ventilation systems.
  7. Replacement of individual electric boiler for hot water with solar thermal systems.
  8. Installation of thermostatic valves on existing heaters.
  9. Installation of frequency converters consumption for larger consumers of electricity.
  10. Installation of devices for reactive power compensation.
  11. Replacement of conventional energy consumer spenders.
  12. Installation of devices for control and management of working energy.

Ada - Bus station

Author: Nenad Pesic
Object: Bus station, reconstruction
Location: Ada
Realization: 2012

Pre rekonstrukcije / Posle rekonstrukcije

  • Required energy for heating before reconstruction ... 33,037.18 kWh / a
  • Required energy for heating after reconstruction .... 8641.64 kWh / a
  • Annual energy savings for heating: ................... 24,385.54 kWh / a
  • Annual energy savings for air conditioning: .............. 28,365.00 kWh / a.

  • Net usable area: 145.69 m2
  • Implemented solution: Good insulation, replaced joinery, underfloor heating with heat pump
  • Additional investment: 5.00%
  • Period of return on additional investment: 3.0 years.

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