Technical control of documentation

The project for the building permit is subject to technical control. The technical control of project for the building permit may be performed by a company or other legal entity or entrepreneur who meet the requirements for technical documentation required by law and determined by the investor.

Technical control of the project for the building permit shall include in particular verification of: compliance with all terms and conditions contained in the Permit, the law and other regulations, technical norms, standards and quality, as well as the mutual compatibility of all parts of the technical documentation; compliance of the project with the results of previous research (Previous work); assessment of the appropriate basis for foundation of structures; checking the validity and accuracy of technical and technological solutions and solutions for construction of structures; stability and security; Rationality of the projected material; the impact on the environment and neighboring buildings.

About completed technical inspection report shall be prepared and signed by designers with appropriate licenses, which they performed technical control of the individual parts of the project, a final report is signed by a representative of the legal entity or entrepreneur.

The project for a building permit made under the regulations of other countries is subject to technical inspection by which the compliance of these documents with the law and other regulations, standards, technical and quality norms.

A company or other legal entity or entrepreneur that performs development and control of technical documentation, or who is a contractor, acting professional supervision or technical inspection must be insured against liability for damage that may be caused by the other, or a third party.

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